Sunday, 11 September 2016

A Club of Development Finance for Energy and Climate Finance Covering 19 Countries

The International Development Finance Club is a network of 19 development finance institutions with mandates for national, sub-regional, regional and international activities around the world. Each institution has a critical role in co-developing with governments enabling regulatory and policy environments, bridging critical funding gaps, building technical competencies, strengthening institutions and catalyzing investment in new economic and social sectors. The members of the IDFC are key players in collaborating with the governments, private sector and civil society and towards advancing the sustainable development agenda. The IDFC members have a successful and measurable track record of integrating climate change issues and related risks into their development mandates.

Its members are based in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas


Brazil (BNDES)
Chile (BWE)
Columbia (Bancoldex)
Honduras (BCIE/CABEI)
Mexico (Nafin)
Venezuela (CAF)

China (CDB)
India (SIDBI)
Indonesia (Eximbank)
Japan (JICA)
Korea (KoFC)

Morocco (CDG)
South Africa (DBSA)

Croatia (HBOR)
France (AFD)
Germany (KfW)
Greece (BSTDB)
Russia (VEB)
Turkey (TSKB)

Target Sectors

Alternative energy, greenhouse gas reduction, sustainable energy finance environmental sustainability

Name of program under which funds are provided

Nature of funding

IDFC website does not have details on specific funds, however the members of IDFC as mentioned in a tabulated form above is of interest. The member countries provide funds and IDFC can be an importance source in understanding financing. In front of the country name, the development financial institution is mentioned in brackets and may be consulted for funds. Work programs are designed for each year which give information regarding funds. 

Examples of projects

PLAC+e Program (CAF): Promotion and participation in creation of emission reduction market and sequestration of greenhouse gases (GHG), identifying and financing clean and alternative energy project, and energy efficiency projects in Latin America, strengthening framework for GHG reduction and alternative energy market development. See:

Other projects include- Carbon Efficient Index –ICO2 (Brazil), Energy Conservation (Vietnam), Energy for the Fture (Namibia), Amazon Fund and so on.   

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