Thursday, 10 September 2015

Energy Trillema Index

Energy Trillema Index is an effective index rating developed by the World Energy Council (WEC) which gives a highlight of how well a country manages the trade-offs between the three competing dimensions, i.e. energy security, energy equity and environmental sustainability.

A = very high performance
B = good performance
(A country with very high performance has been rated as AAA, while a country with good performance has been rated as BBB. Countries which do not perform well receive a score of DDD.)

In essence, the ranking offers concrete information on energy performance and contextual framework. Energy performance includes supply and demand, affordability and access, and the environmental impact of country's energy use portfolio. While the contextual framework includes information on broad circumstances associated to energy performance such as society, political strength, economic strength and stability.

You can access this information on:

Using this link, you can click on a country to gather information on the aggregate effect of energy policy, status of energy performance, contextual framework, diversity of electricity generation, fossil fuel reserve, economic and industrial data related to energy, trends and outlook.

Example of country-specific data:

Understand how to read this data:

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