Sunday, 7 June 2015

Energy Efficiency Measures and Solutions for Indian Industry (Part 1)

Energy efficiency options for Auto, Brick, Cold Storage and Dairy Industry:

1. Auto Components and Forging:
     (EE Equipment)                                                                   (= Indicative supplier)
1.1.Medium Frequency Heating - End-bar Heater (Forging) and Heat Treatment = Akal Induction
1.2. Micro-wave Drying (Paints) = Acmefil Engineering, Electricoil Super Thermal Engineers
1.3. Efficient Rectifier Unit for Electroplating Baths = Asma Electricals
1.4. Hydraulic Forging Hammer = Anyang Forging Press, Haian Baisie Forging
1.5. Pneumatic Double Acting Hammer = N Teryair, Pioneer Intertrade
1.6. Friction Drop Hammer = Rattan Hammers, Wellcut Tools
1.7. Rubber Oil Seal Vulcanization Molding Machine with PLC Control = Red Line Industries Tung Yu Hydraulic
1.8. Induction Billet Heater = Electrotherm
1.9. Carburizing Furnace = J.R. Furnace and Oven, AGNEE Engineering

2. Brick:
2.1. Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln/Zig Zag firing Brick Kilns = Damle Clay

3. Cold Storage and Ice Plants:
3.1. Tube Ice Plant = Chirag, Vijaya Laxmi Engineers

4. Dairy:
4.1. Methane Recovery from Effluents for Process Heating = ATE Envrotech, Referon Magic Systems

NOTE: Part 2 will  be released soon! 

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